About Me

Tilak is a Senior Solutions Engineer at we45. As part of his role, Tilak is responsible for engineering and assessing we45’s Application Security Product Portfolio and Cloud Portfolio. He’s a polyglot technologist with skill sets in Vulnerability Management and Correlation, Cloud Security, Serverless, Containers and Kubernetes Security among others. He’s skilled in Python, JavaScript and Cloud-native tools and frameworks like Terraform, Serverless Framework and others.

He has contributed by developing several applications that have been used at multiple Capture the Flag Contests. In addition, he has extensive experience with integrating security scanners into Orchestron - An Application Vulnerability Correlation and Aggregation engine . Tilak has been a lead developer for the we45 learning portal - which uses state-of-the-art technologies. He has extensive experience with multi-cloud platform integrations as well.

Tilak is a lead-trainer for we45’s Cloud Security training offerings that focus on AWS and Serverless. In his spare time, Tilak contributes to the vibrant security Open Source Community and has built a powerful Source Composition Scanning tool called PyRaider for Python codebases.

Tilak is a trainer and speaker at multiple events across the world such as GlobalAppSecDC, AppSecUS, AppSecCali, DefCon, BlackHat USA, DjangoCon USA, DevSecCon and PyCon.